Portland May Day 2016: Class Struggle Contingent

May Day in Portland, 2016: the Class Struggle contingent brought together Carpenters, Ironworkers, Stagehands, Teachers, IWW “Wobblies” and other pro-working class elements under the day’s only banner that called for “Full Citizenship Rights for all Immigrants,” on this workers’ holiday that was revived in the U.S. by the mass protests of immigrant workers ten years ago.

The goal of the Class Struggle contingent was to fight for May Day as it should be: International Workers Day, a day for the class struggle against the capitalist system. Our contingent was the only participant in Portland’s May Day that sought to mobilize the unions and the militant workers. And while there were some radical-sounding words to be heard from the platform, one of the main sponsors of the event was the “Working Families Party,” a scam operation with which the union bureaucracy seeks to get workers’ votes for the Democratic Party of our class enemy. The Class Struggle contingent’s banner said “Break with the Democrats and Republicans! For a Class-Struggle Workers Party!” We distributed many copies of our article against Bernie Sanders from Bridge City Militant No. 1. We were the only group at May Day that had anything to say against the ruling party of bloody, racist U.S. imperialism.

A spokesperson for the Internationalist Group, part of the Class Struggle Contingent, was interviewed by KOIN 6 TV news and got right to the point: “We think that capitalism has long outlived its usefulness, and we think that we need a workers revolution in America.” That’s what May Day, and the class struggle, is for.


May Day 2016 Class Struggle Contingent

Join the Class Struggle Contingent on MAY DAY! Workers of the World, Unite! 12:00 Noon Sunday May 1 2016, SW Main St. & SW Park Ave. in downtown Portland. Info: 971-282-7903 csw-pdx.org/mayday2016
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Join the Class Struggle Contingent on May Day! Workers of the World, Unite!

12:00 Noon Sunday May 1 2016
SW Main St. & SW Park Avenue in Downtown Portland
info: 971-282-7903 csw-pdx.org/mayday2016

May Day is the international workers day. It should be a day of workers struggle against capitalism. Join with Class Struggle Workers – Portland and the Internationalist Group to demonstrate for a revolutionary, working-class answer to the bosses’ racist system of poverty and war.

The Class Struggle Contingent stands for:

  • Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants!
  • Mobilize Workers Power: Strike Against Racist Police Murder!
  • No to Sanders, No to Clinton, No to Democrats, Republicans, Working Families Party or Greens!
  • Unionize Low-Wage Workers! Smash “Right to Work” Union-Busting!
  • Defeat U.S. Imperialism! Drive U.S. Out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan!
  • For A Class-Struggle Workers Party, for a Workers Government!

Portland May Day Against Racist Police Murder

On May Day in Portland Oregon, Class Struggle Workers – Portland initiated a union contingent behind the banner “Labor Against Racist Police Murder.” The IWW, Painters and Stagehands locals passed resolutions condemning the police murder of Antonio Zambrano Montes in Pasco, WA, and formed the contingent, which was joined by a delegation from Pasco, groups of Laborers and Teachers, and individuals from other unions.

Labor Against Racist Police Murder contingent, Portland May Day 2015
Labor Against Racist Police Murder contingent, Portland May Day 2015
Labor Against Racist Police Murder contingent, Portland May Day 2015
Labor Against Racist Police Murder contingent, Portland May Day 2015